Comedian Michael Rosman performs Amazing Feats while making you laugh so hard you will have to excuse yourself.

Don't believe us? Well, why don't you take just a moment and view Michael Rosman's comedy video when he was featured on......

That's right..The Late Show with David Letterman!

The Unusual/Speciality Performances
  Squire of the wire: Comedy stunts, tight wire walking in a kilt! Can be Renaissance themed.
  DumbWaiters®: Professional Comedians infiltrate the wait staff at cocktail hours and dinners.  Hilarious, surprising, they make events fun and memorable.
  Cirque style performances: Either as a soloist, a company/cast member, or in Michael’s favorite ‘cirque style’ show Brian McNelis’s Cirque Voila. Performances with cigar boxes and tight wire set to music.

Themed shows Michael frequently produces:

  Western shows: Roping and Riding Cowboys, Native Americans, Petting animals, cowboy comedy, and more.
  Classic American Circus shows: Ring curbs, backdrops, music, classic American style circus acts!
  All-star Clown Show: A clown ensemble (3-5 performers)  led by a clown professor.  A hilarious educational show filled with clown antics loved by kids and their parents.
  Rosman and Rose: Michael's newest show is a hilarious commentary on a good idea gone bad. Michael decided to hire an lovely assistant. "Sometimes help is the last thing you need!." Check it out at!

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