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Michael Rosman

Bruce Springsteen

"It was great to see you so spontaneous!"
Michael Rosman


For more than 35 years, Michael Rosman has been a premier figure in entertainment, delighting audiences with his unique blend of comedy, juggling, and spoof magic. His diverse style showcases original comedy and a range of circus skills, showcasing his prolific creativity. As a recent example of Michael’s innovativeness, he launched The Grad Mobile during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, offering socially distant graduation ceremonies in driveways, parking lots, church yards (goats included!), and cul de sacs across the Mid Atlantic, ensuring hundreds of students didn't miss this important milestone.  With degrees from the University of Delaware and the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Clown College, Michael's performances have captivated global audiences in various venues. He founded acclaimed comedy groups, such as The DumbWaiters and Dingbats, securing the prestigious Maryland State Individual Artist Grant Award twice. As director of the Laughter Arts Foundation, he organizes professional development conferences like MotionFest and MiniFest for professional artists.

Sara Fort, Celebrity Galaxy

"All I can say is WOW!! You really dazzle the audience. The woman next to me almost had a seizure laughing so hard."​​
Packed Audience

Jackie Erickson, Mr. E's Night of the Jugglers

“I loved the routines! They have a different place in your repertoire. The best part was looking at the reactions of the audience. I laughed the hardest at you, knowing what had to be going through your mind. The ping pong ball bit was outstanding. The doll bit was excellent. Don’t ever stop. What great stuff! Creativity!”
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...and more!

David Letterman

"That was something!"


Ginny Hess, Performer

"Congrats, you have just won the hearts of my parents and my grandmother. After my show on Sunday, they had some time to kill between shows and watched your show. Well, thanx a lot b/c they honestly will not shut up about you and your show! They absolutely adored you, and every time I turn around they ask about you or tell me about a different part of your show that they just remembered and decided to share with me. It’s really cute. So I thought you’d appreciate some positive audience feedback.”


Packed Audience


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